Paediatric Dentistry

At Angel Dental Care, our team provides an exceptional standard of dental care for your child. We see children from birth to late teens, including those with special needs. Our goal is to provide a positive dental experience as we maintain your child’s oral health through preventive dentistry and treatment if ever needed.

Routine checkups

When introducing your child to a dentist for the first time, we like your first appointment to just involve a consultation and examination. This is where we can discuss any concerns you may be having, we also want your child to feel comfortable in the clinic.

Generally speaking, we prefer there are no treatments performed on this initial visit so that we can get to know your child and assess their coping abilities so we can determine how best to approach our treatment plan.


Dental Emergencies

Unfortunately sometimes busy kids can obtain dental injuries or facial swellings from a dental infection. As adults, we understand the discomfort this can cause and therefore prioritise these appointments for your little ones.

Pain management during treatments

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Local anaesthesia

Local anaesthesia can be required for many procedures in the dental chair. We like to keep your child as calm and comfortable as possible when applying numbing gel. Most children don’t realise they’ve had local anaesthesia until their lips and cheeks are numb.

This can be a very odd feeling for a child and the numbing sensation can take 2-4 hours to fully wear off. During this time, we recommend not eating or drinking anything hot until the numbing has disappeared.

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Happy Gas

Nitrous oxide is a sweet smelling gas that can provide mild sedation and relaxation. Nitrous oxide and oxygen are mixed at different concentrations and administered through a small mask that sits on the nose. It is safe, effective and has minimal side effects. Your child will maintain consciousness and will be able to communicate throughout the procedure. Nitrous oxide is quickly reversible so that by the time you leave our clinic, the effects have worn off.

We find this incredibly effective for older children who experience distress and anxiety about being in the dental chair.

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General anaesthesia

For any day surgery procedures, general anaesthesia is usually required. Administered by a specialist anaesthetist, your child will be put into a deep sleep and unable to feel pain. This may be needed due to many factors;

• Age of the child
• Amount of teeth requiring work
• Complex medical conditions or dental anxiety
• Complexity of treatment

At Angel Dental Care, we truly love looking after the entire family and guiding and educating your children on the importance of oral hygiene and preventative dental care. Our team are kind and exceptionally patient, in hopes everyone feels comfortable coming for a visit and you have the peace of mind, knowing your family is in good hands.

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